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Breathing Underwater

I love Breathing Underwater because of so many reasons. (1) The use of words are incredible and you can really picture what is happening. (2) You get to understand the characters and the surroundings so well and you end up feeling like you are there. Set in Australia, you follow the story with Grace Walker, a 17-year-old surfer nearing the end of year 12. She is twins with the legendary Ben Walker, and when a life changing event occurs, Grace is forced to work through life independently. This is a must-read for anybody who likes John Green or Rainbow Rowell. The plot isn’t necessarily complicated but it for sure is captivating!

Ben Walker is the star. He is always first, first to be born, first to stand on a surfboard and first to get sponsors. He is the dream son, and Grace is always second, no matter what. Nevertheless, Ben and Grace are as thick as thieves, incredibly loyal to each other no matter what. They live with a loving mother and demanding father. And though he might not admit it, their father loves them too. Then when the unthinkable happens, Grace’s family is mercilessly ripped apart. She is drowning, but realises that she needs to learn how to breathe underwater.