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Presented by State Library Victoria

Read a Good Book - Goodnight Mister Tom

This book is a brilliantly written historical fiction novel about a young boy named William and his struggles throughout World War II. William has been abused all his life, countless beatings and terrible pain induced by his strict and mentally ill mother. Set first in a small country town in England, Will (at this stage an evacuee from London) is taken in by a gruff old man and begins to find his feet and happiness with people who love him. All is well until his mother wants him back. When Will hasn’t been in contact with his village for over a month, people start to worry. This breathtaking-novel is filled with endless tales of intense moments, love, courage and bravery. I only had to read one page before I was unable to put this book down. I would recommend it for Young Adults, because of the ever so slightly disturbing themes, and the level of the writing.