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Stranger Game

I love this book by Cylin Busby because you feel like you get to know the characters personally and you can’t figure out who did what. It’s sure to keep you guessing to the end. I’ve read it many times now and each time I read it, I realise something new. Highly recommended.

A gripping mystery novel with unexpected twists. Sure to keep you guessing.
Nico Morris is a teenage girl whose sister, Sarah Morris, disappeared four years ago. Over the years, she has gotten used to being an only child when suddenly, out of the blue, Nico’s family gets a call from Florida, saying they have found Sarah, suffering from amnesia. Nico is at first sceptical, because of the countless girls and bodies they have gone to identify, but they get on a plane to see if it is really her. And sure enough, it is. Once Sarah comes home, Nico’s whole world turns upside down. There is something off about Sarah, she is acting differently. She’s acting…nice.

This is an incredible page-turning novel with amazing characters that you get attached to almost instantly. If you like mysteries and thrillers, this is the book for you.